What I believe…small business truths

I have been reading a book called “This I Believe” that’s filled with essays from all kinds of people that NPR collected as part of a series. The book got me thinking about my beliefs about owning a small business and I thought I would share three that immediately came to mind:

1.       The strength of the business partnership affects everything.

  • My business partner Brenda and I are a good fit because we trust each other, have different strengths but the same values and almost never lose our minds at the same time. We actually have very little drama in the office, which is a combination of good employees and very little conflict between Brenda and me.

2.       Know who you are and what you do.

  • Because we started as a marketing and communications agency, it took a while to realize that we had completely shifted to a consumer insight business. Once we embraced that fact, we were much clearer in communicating what we offered and why companies should work with us.

3.       Realize you have choices.

  • In most of our work, we operate without contracts. Our clients hire us for projects, but there’s no guarantee that we’ll get the next one. So we focus on delivering well so we’ll be asked to do more work. I believe this idea of choice – that our clients offer work to us and we accept it – greatly influences how we approach our business.

As I continue to read, I’ll share more of my truths.


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