What I believe…small business realities

1.       Ask for advice but listen selectively.

  • It’s tempting to “poll” people when you have questions about your business (especially if your business is research!). I try to listen for what really speaks to me and move on that. If I’ve asked for advice and it contradicts my gut instinct, then that’s a sign that I need to follow my own advice.

2.       There will be times where you will wish you had a steady job in a bigger company.

  • There are going to be bad days. This is just a reality.

3.       If you want it, own it.

  • Building consensus is a good thing, but even in a small business like ours, it can be slow. If you want to want something to happen, think about everything you can do to move the process along. The gift of small business is that you have more opportunity to initiate and ignite new ideas but you have to be willing to be the spark.

4.       Loyalty is rewarded.

  • Maybe not immediately. Maybe not in ways entirely clear at the time. But we are still in business today because this is true. With loyalty, always look at the long view not the immediate gain.

Feel free to share your your small business truths or realities – I’d love to hear them!


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