Find the thing that grounds you

By Jeanne

Every small business needs a touchstone. The thing that keeps you anchored in reality and serves as a reminder of what the business is about. Both Brenda and I knew, when we were first building the business, that we needed to balance our viewpoint with outside, objective input. There were only two of us at that time and it would have been easy to become insulated and detached from female consumers.

So, we decided to create a network of exceptional women which has been our sounding board for more than 10 years. The group is called For Her Information (FHI) and these articulate, savvy women help us stay centered on our core purpose — to listen to and better understand women. We reach out to our FHI women every few months, sometimes for questions we want to explore and other times with topics that help us better support our clients.

There are many ways to stay true to a business focus and this is one that works for us. The key is to set up a process that is consistent, accessible and closely aligned with what you do. They have truly been our touchstone and make us better at what we do, every day.

Check out the latest insights we’ve gathered from FHI here.


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