A Small Business’s Ode to Austin

By Stephanie Milam

Austinites love their city, and we at On Your Mark are no exception. On Your Mark has been in Austin for 14 years and has witnessed and experienced the flourishing of this great metropolitan hub. While the city’s rapid growth includes less-than-ideal consequences like more traffic, and pressures on an already sparse water supply, there is no place we’d rather call home. The delicious food, vibrant music scene, and wealth of outdoor activities are close to all of our hearts, not to mention the incredible network and support of small businesses like ours.

Small businesses are an important part of Austin’s identity and economy. Austin made a name for itself as the quirky off-beat Texas city decades ago because of the quirky off-beat businesses that have thrived thanks to consumers who are loyal to local. Because of this grassroots support and the entrepreneurial spirit, there are now many organizations that provide assistance to small businesses.

 One such small business is Austin Lumber Company, a third-generation family business now run by Laura Culin. After a fire tragically burned down her lumberyard and several buildings, Culin utilized the Business Solutions Center of the city’s Small Business Development Program and was able to successfully rebuild and restructure her company.

Around-town resources for starting and managing a small business include:

People love to work in this city not only because of the government, private, and community support, but also because Austin’s culture mirrors small business culture: a casual environment with a hard work ethic. Running a small business isn’t easy in this economic climate, but in Austin it’s both possible and enjoyable.


One response to “A Small Business’s Ode to Austin

  1. Great story, its nice to hear businesses, and people a like that love their city, and their home. So many businesses are shipping out of their homes for higher ground, so its great to here your enthusiasm about Austin. I myself am a small business owner over here in Atlanta, and I feel the same way about my city, and as we grow here, and watch the newbies pile in, I find us very similar to you.

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