Smartphones – A Mom’s New Best Friend

By Crystal Markowski

Smartphones are on the rise, and women are definitely one of the drivers of this trend. About one-third of US adult women own a smartphone today, and that number continues to increase. (Pew Internet) But what’s more, it’s not just 20-something, tech savvy women adopting this technology. Moms in their 30’s and 40’s represent a rapidly growing group of smartphone purchasers.

According to Cecilia Kang of the Washington Post, marketers are starting to pay serious attention to moms with smartphones because they are highly engaged users who control a huge portion of household spending. In fact, moms spend more time on mobile apps/sites than other groups of smartphone users. Perhaps a reason for this high level of engagement is that moms are discovering what the devices allow them to do – manage their lives and households more efficiently. Not too long ago, phones were basic communication tools mostly for talking, emailing, and maybe light web browsing. But with thousands of apps and app developers popping up, moms are finding new tools to help them to deal with their multi-faceted roles. For example, we’ve heard moms talk about relying on their smartphones to organize their family’s schedules, pay bills online, read customer reviews and price compare while shopping in the store, and keep the kids entertained while running errands. And because moms are so pressed for time, being able to do all of this on the go from the palm of their hands makes them feel… well, smart!

Considering that moms are already some of the “biggest spenders” online and that more and more are equipping themselves with smartphones, this can mean a big opportunity for marketers. Many businesses are already trying to better understand moms’ smartphone habits. If they can learn which tools and features are most valuable to her, and perhaps what’s missing, they can make her life easier, which can be invaluable.


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