Thanksgiving Food for Thought

By Stephanie Milam

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving, which, for most Americans, means lots and lots of food! And since we at On Your Mark happen to know a thing or two about food from our cpg research, we thought we’d share a few interesting 2011 meal trends for Turkey Day:

  • More people will be buying prepared food from grocery stores, caterers, and restaurants than in previous years.
  • Many Americans don’t want to bother cooking at all, and approximately 14 million people will be eating out for Thanksgiving dinner.
  • While it used to only be found in southern states, fried turkey is now the second most popular way to prepare the Thanksgiving staple (the first being roasted turkey).

And if you’re not in a turkey-and-pie-induced food coma by the end of the day, don’t forget Black Friday is starting even earlier this year. Many stores, including retail giants Target, Walmart, and Best Buy, will be offering their super deals beginning at midnight.

Happy Thanksgiving from all of us at On Your Mark!


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