South by Southwest: Not Just for Musicians

By Crystal Markowski

Every March for the last 24 years, Austin becomes a mecca for artists and new talent. Musicians, film directors, and actors from all over the world come to Texas hoping to promote their latest project or just be discovered. But the festival isn’t just for film and music enthusiasts. Many don’t realize how large the Interactive portion of the event is with an impressive showing from the digital, marketing, and publishing communities. Among the literally hundreds of events over five days, top thought leaders will be sharing new ideas about emerging technologies and their greater applications for the ways we live, shop, and interact.

SXSW Interactive kicks off today, and here at On Your Mark, we’re following several events. While the Interactive portion covers numerous topics from women in programming to how gaming can benefit the world, here are a few areas we’ll be watching:

Consumer Behavior and Emerging Technologies:
•    Tech and the Evolution of the In-Store Experience
•    The Science of Habits: Why We Do What We Do
•    Gen Y & Z Expectations to Transform Customer Experience

•    Designing Experiences for Women
•    How Women Present Themselves in the Digital Age
•    Blogging: Why So Many Women Are Doing It

Marketing and Branding:
•    Marketing’s Shift from Waterfall to Agile
•    Mind Reading: Seeing Needs Users Don’t Articulate
•    Brands with Benefits: Hooking Up with Good Deals


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