Photoshop: Leave My Thighs Alone!

By Samantha White

It’s an uphill battle that we will fight for years to come, and isn’t even close to being won. It was mostly fought by women at first, but now men are jumping on the bandwagon as well. Moms. Models. Celebrities. People everywhere are starting to come out of the wood works to fight:


It’s lovely to think that some of Hollywood’s biggest stars want us to see what they actually look like, rather than the photo editor’s Photoshop skills. Kate Winslet has been known to object retouching. Jamie Lee Curtis has even posed in her underwear sans makeup and photo manipulations!

A little eye whitening and skin brightening never hurt anybody, but I’ve seen magazine covers where the Hollywood starlet isn’t even recognizable as herself. Cinching waists down by inches and lengthening legs and arms happens all too often and is giving young women the wrong idea about body image, if you ask me. As if it’s not already difficult enough to be a young girl in today’s society, the women they see plastered all over magazines and advertisements have unreal proportions.

Faith Hill Photoshop

Faith Hill's Redbook cover and original image

Some people have even gone so far as to propose restrictions or a ban on Photoshop usage. The American Medical Association is reportedly urging advertisers to reduce the amount of photo editing to models in ads, as well as to choose “healthier” looking models. They have expressed fears about “portraying models with body types only attainable with the help of photo editing software.” Well put, AMA.

I don’t necessarily think that a ban on Photoshop is likely, so I think we need to change our perspectives on it. Instead of reading these magazines and buying these products, why don’t we teach our young girls that it’s far more important to be healthy than it is to look like these modified versions of women? We need to make sure that they are aware of how phony these photos are so they understand that it’s normal to have thighs that touch and average length legs. We need to make sure to protect their personal body image and remind them what “normal” is.

Here’s a link of funny Photoshop flubs to take your mind off of the above frustrations!


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