Teen Heroines: Katniss vs. Bella (Part Two)

By Samantha White

I saw The Hunger Games movie this past weekend and while I didn’t love the storyline or the movie as a whole, I did absolutely fall in love with one character: Katniss Everdeen.

It’s not every day that you see a film become such a big hit AND have a strong female lead, especially a movie that features so many violent scenes. There are plenty of war-themed movies about men fighting for what they believe (Gladiator, Braveheart, 300), but rarely do we see one about women. Not only did Katniss fulfill this role in a blockbuster film, but she went above and beyond as a tough young woman.

In addition to coming out of the Games alive, she made sure her family would be taken care of while she was away. While being strong enough to survive, she was able to remain true to herself and her values. She cared for other tributes during the games, most notably a younger participant and an injured one. To top it off, she wouldn’t give in to what The Capitol wanted and stood up for what she thought was important.

Too many of today’s female characters are too much like Bella – a damsel in distress – and not enough like Katniss – a headstrong heroine. Hopefully she will spark a trend and young female audiences will have more positive and powerful role models to look up to.


One response to “Teen Heroines: Katniss vs. Bella (Part Two)

  1. I agree, but I see Disney and other companies getting on this band wagon of strong female leads because it is more accepted and men are willing to go see such a movie (especially if it has a some blood!!)

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