Monthly Archives: June 2012

Women in the News: 5 Steps Forward

By Stephanie Milam

  1. “Brave” release: The new film features Pixar’s first female heroine. From what we can tell, the main character, Princess Merida, has an independent spirit similar to that of Mulan from Disney’s 1998 animated film.
  2. Single women in Iran are taking charge and making better lives for themselves despite their tradition-based culture.
  3. This year Qatar will send women to the Olympics for the first time.
  4. Study debunks “Queen Bee” myth, with more women professionals mentoring and developing other women.
  5. Users proclaim why they support women’s empowerment in the inspiring #ImWithTheLeague Twitter trend based on this article.

Business Travel Tips for a Stress-Free Vacation

By Stephanie Milam

Continually traveling for work has made us experts on airports, hotels, and all the details in between. Over the years we’ve learned that detailed planning goes a long way towards a successful business trip, no matter how familiar we are with our destination. Traveling can certainly be stressful, but the same planning tricks we use for work can be used for vacations as well!

Think through your itinerary: It sounds simple and takes more effort on the front end, but knowing when and where you’ll be, how long it takes to get between places, and how long your travel and activities will take alleviates the stress of planning once you’ve reached your destination. If you’re travelling on your own, it’s sometimes easier to print maps if you don’t have a GPS. Pretty soon, SIRI (if you own an Apple iPhone) will talk to you like a GPS but until then, it can be safer to use a map for certain destinations.

Pack well: There are few things more stressful than having to reorganize your luggage while a TSA agent is standing over you and you’re holding up a long line. Plan your packing wisely and try hard not to over pack. Keep boarding passes, IDs, laptops, and liquids easily accessible in a front or side pocket rather than buried in your purse, backpack, or luggage.

Know your services: Find out what amenities and services your hotel offers before you go. Think about calling ahead and talking to the concierge about how to make the most of your stay. Also, understand the options on rental cars. Avis, for example, charges customers who drive less than 75 miles an automatic flat fee for gas, which may make sense if you’re not driving far or heading back to the airport in a hurry.

Take advantage of points programs: Seriously. Do this. Sign your kids up for the airline you fly most and you’ll get points when they fly. We like the Starwood program best but all the airlines and hotel chains have them and you’d be amazed how fast the points can add up.

Happy summer travels!

Female Professionals: Stop Apologizing!

By Samantha WhiteWe couldn’t agree more with Fast Company’s article about women not feeling obligated to apologize for the professional challenges men don’t have to face.

As a small company run by women, we at OYM like to keep all lines of communication between employees and employers open to avoid issues such as these. We do the same with our clients as well.

Here’s how we agree with/follow the article’s three main points:

  • Finances: we negotiate bids for projects with clients, NEVER expect anyone to work for free (such as interns), and offer full benefits.
  • Outward appearance: while our office doesn’t have an everyday dress code, it’s understood among employees that we don’t come to work in nearly-there outfits, but it’s also understood that a full face of makeup and perfectly shaped hair aren’t required.
  • Accomplishments: being a small company allows us to constantly work together as a team, which also means we celebrate achievements as a team, no matter how big or small they are.