Full Context Consumer

By Stephanie Milam

A large part of our job is being good at talking to consumers. We spend time with them to understand the full context of their lives with a specific focus on a product, brand, shopping habit, household routine, etc. The beautiful thing about immersing ourselves in this way is the uniqueness of the knowledge we gain because we can fully grasp the who, what, when, where, and whys of their experiences. Not to mention we really enjoy it!

Why talking to people matters:

‒        Executives can become distanced from their consumers. Each person lives a little differently, and sometimes very differently from those making decisions on the products they buy and the stores they shop. Despite our contrasts from one another, when you sit down and talk to someone about their lives, you can always relate to them on some level.  And being able to relate offers you the opportunity to truly connect.

‒        Social media doesn’t account for those who don’t use it much. While not always the target market, boomers and older generations are still buying clothes, groceries, gifts, and more.  They love to talk and are a demographic we always enjoy because of their sincerity.

‒        Online surveys only go so far. Their results can give an inaccurate representation, can be interpreted in many ways, and are often dishonest because participants will say what they think a company wants to hear. Qualitative information is a key research component because talking candidly with consumers and showing you care about what they say will cause them  to be open and honest about their lives.

‒        Knowing their voice is being heard increases brand loyalty. Proving to consumers that their feedback is taken seriously increases their loyalty because they feel appreciated.

As we move into an increasing digital age, it is our goal to continue to prove the necessity of including the full context of consumers’ lives in market research. It is only with this context, we believe, that you can truly understand your consumer.


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