The Wisdom of Women Bikers

By Stephanie Milam

The LA Times recently published an article about the sales of smaller lightweight motorcycles increasing as manufacturers are seeing more and more female buyers. These types of bikes are usually easier to control and are lower to the ground, making the smaller more lightweight sex comfortable both steering and stopping.

But why? Why are women purchasing motorcycles now more than in the past? I would argue it’s a combination of economy and confidence.

  • Many of the lightweight models, such as Tha Heist, can get over 65 miles to the gallon. And with 2012 being an expensive year for gas , fuel economy doesn’t get much better than that. Plus let’s not forget the fact that women are more environmentally conscious.
  • These minimalist bikes are cheap. We’re still in a recession, and if you can sell your old gas guzzler for a certain price and buy a new motorcycle for even less, you’re actually making a profit.
  • Because women are more independent than ever. The cookie-cutter nuclear family model doesn’t apply to many women, especially young professionals.  Women are happy living alone, staying single, and taking their motorcycles to their downtown dinner reservations.
  • Also parking.

As women account for a larger share of motorcycle consumers, I imagine there is huge potential for marketers to increase product awareness and give women more of what they want and need for a safe and fun ride.

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