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“The Talk” Goes Au Naturel For Season 3 Premiere

By Samantha White

The ladies of the CBS daytime television show “The Talk” hosted Monday’s show with absolutely no makeup and no professional hairstyling. Host Sara Gilbert said they wanted to do the show sans makeup to prove that they are “willing to show more of [themselves] to the public.”

As mentioned in our previous Photoshop blog, Jamie Lee Curtis is an advocate for showing the world her true self and joined the hosts for the season 3 premiere. The women proved their makeup-less faces by using cleansing wipes and wore bath robes for the show’s entirety. The audience members also wore robes and were encouraged to remove their makeup before the taping began.

Women in the 2012 London Olympics

Mariel Zagunis carries the US flag during Opening Ceremonies

By Samantha White

The Olympics are in full swing and we can’t get enough! It is a major topic of conversation here in our office and we’ve all been keeping an eye on our favorite athletes and events.

The 2012 games mark a big year for female athletes, so enjoy these facts about the ladies currently competing in London.

  • For the first time in Team USA history, the female athletes outnumber the males. The team is made up of 268 women and 261 men.
  • Women’s boxing is an official Olympic sport for the first time this year, with 3 Americans competing.
  • The oldest American athlete and the youngest competing this year are both females. Karen O’Connor, 54, is an equestrian while Katie Ledecky, 15, is a swimmer.
  • While 54 American athletes are fathers, a mere 13 are mothers.
  • There have now been 45 flag bearers for the US during Opening Ceremonies. The honor went to fencer Mariel Zagunis this year, who became the 11th female to carry the flag.

The 2012 Olympic Games go through August 12th, so you’ve still got plenty of time to catch some events and cheer for Team USA!

Do Super Bowl Advertisers Get Female Humor?

By Crystal Markowski

In recent years there has been conversation around Super Bowl ads and their disregard for female audiences. Regardless of how sexist, crude, awesome, or ridiculous you think Super Bowl spots are, one thing is certain. Women are making up a larger portion of viewership for the NFL, and some advertisers are paying more attention to this growing audience.

While previewing the ads online (yes, you can do that now!), I was pleased to see one that was clearly targeted towards women. However, at the end of Dannon’s 30 second spot, my pleasure turned to disappointment. I had no laugh, not even an “I’m giggling in my head” reaction. The basic formula for the ad was to show a sexy man and sprinkle in some slapstick comedy. Though it was intended for women, this spot didn’t seem to actually consider women and how our sense of humor works.

To get their message across, advertisers shouldn’t just create an ad that shows a woman. They need to create one that speaks to her in her own language. Humor that appeals to a woman lets her laugh in an inclusive way. For her it’s about connecting through shared experiences and being able to say, “Oh! That happens to me too!” This weekend I’m hoping to see other female-targeted commercials that do a better job of connecting to women.

Tell us what you think. Does this spot get your sense of humor?