Monthly Archives: May 2012

Conference Room Storytime

By Stephanie Milam

Being in qualitative market research, we’ve always strongly believed in the importance of storytelling, because that’s essentially what we do – tell the consumer’s story. Storytelling has become more valuable as of late, with various branches of businesses adopting this method of reporting and presentation to more effectively communicate.

Storytelling has an advantage over traditional presentation styles because it’s relatable and engaging, which therefore makes it more persuasive.

Aid organizations were early adopters of this strategy, and are a great example of storytelling’s efficacy. While the often harrowing facts behind their causes are important, it’s the individual stories of struggle that bring in donations. Sponsoring individual people is an effective strategy because the patron becomes more directly invested in the program by caring about and following the progress of the recipient.

In the business world, storytelling works in a similar way. Rather than a presentation of slide after slide of fact lists and charts, the conference room attendees get a chance to engage with the information. They are taken on a journey during which the information is delivered in a way that is easily absorbed because it is part of a narrative rather than a list. Decisions are then made with genuine interest in the outcome.

We at On Your Mark regularly deliver information to our clients by telling the stories of their consumers. It’s our goal to have clients make decisions with a more personal understanding of who they are affecting, so they can ultimately do what’s best for the business and the consumer.

Optimism Towards Memorial Day Weekend

By Samantha White

We’re looking forward to the three day weekend and we know you are too! Here is a great article on IBM’s thoughts towards this year’s Memorial Day weekend. They analyzed social media sites to come up with some interesting facts comparing 2011’s spending habits and travel plans for the holiday to 2012’s.

  • 46% increase in conversations about Memorial Day traveling
  • 65% increase in conversations about flying
  • 13% increase in conversations about driving

We frequently talk about social media in the OYM offices and like to point out that people rarely put anything less than their best selves online for the world to view, which might skew some of the numbers. However, it’s still very interesting to see that the positive to negative ratio on gas price comments takes such a big jump from 2011 to 2012 (5 to 1 this year, 1 to 1 last year).

Our FHI Panel weighs in on political hot topics

FHI (For Her Information) is On Your Mark Research’s nation-wide women’s advisory panel. This group of articulate, savvy prosumers provides us with up-to-date insights on just about any topic, from their shopping habits to their core values.

We recently asked them:

If you were running for office today, what two things would you focus on as your “political platform?”

These results support what we hear women say everyday – that they are most concerned about and focused on issues that have an immediate impact on their children and their household.